Wireless Remote Auto Start Kit

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This controller option has a line of site range of approximately 75 metres (free field) which should be adequate for most operating applications. It has been designed to add further convenience to the normal operation of your machine. 

For optimum range, maintain line of sight to the machine. Large structures, walls and other solids will diminish the Wireless Auto Start’s ability to operate from a distance.

The Wireless auto start module is protected from the elements within the interior of its weatherproof enclosure located within the confines of the generator’s frame. The Wireless Auto Start is a robust designed controller providing a simple automatic starting operation where remote starting/stopping control is required! Like all wireless controlled equipment, it requires a suitable antenna for the receiver to understand when a start/stop is required, this antenna is mounted on the side of the controller enclosure and included in the Remote Start Kit.

Suitable for: 

EG5500CXS and EU70is Generators

Part numbers:

 ACPWASM-EG55CXS (for EG5500CXS) (Price listed is for this unit)

ACPWASM-EU70is (for EU70is) 


Price: Please contact your local dealer