Turbosawmills at Fieldays 2018

03 Aug 2018, Honda Power Equipment

We work with a number of fantastic Original Equipment Manufactures to help them supply power to their machines. Turbosawmills in Tauranga don't just use our engines to provide power, they also use our generators to supply electricity to the rest of the machine. Turbosawmills use an engine to supply power to the saw, but an inverter generator to supply clean and stable power to the computer electronics that are also incorporated in some of their machines. 

Whilst at this year's Fieldays, we filmed one of the units in action - you can watch it below. This unit has an EU30i inverter generator for the electrically sensitive elements and a GX690 to power the business end of the machine. 

This new product, the Radial Master, is a cut about the rest when it comes to advanced milling technology. A perfect place for Honda Engines.