Honda Portable Generators power up Leadfoot

14 Feb 2019, Honda Power Equipment

8 years ago Motor racing legend Rod Millen has a massive party for his 60th birthday. The hundreds of guests had such a great time that they made him do it again...and nearly every year since. What grew from a massive knees up turned into the motor racing festival known as Leadfoot. Every year a huge gathering of petrol heads descend on the sleepy town of Haihei in the Coromandel and the ocean breeze is quickly changed to the smell of burning rubber. 

Millen spent countless hours, and plenty of money, creating what is best described as the very best hill climb racetrack 'slash' driveway that you can get. 

As the event is largely held in a farm field getting power to the people and their flat whites is an issue - well, not for those suppliers with Honda Power Equipment portable generators.

Honda's were also spotted in pit lane keeping the pit crew powered up to ensure the cars are ready to go when it came time for their hill climb. 

Power is one thing you need, but water is also another. This lonely Honda pump had a very important role as it was responsible for fire protection - quite a necessity with such dry conditions and race cars 'burning' around the track.

If you are at an event or in the outdoors you are always likely to spot a Honda in the background quietly getting the job done.