When you invest in any Honda Power Equipment product you buy something that is more than the sum of its parts. That's because every Honda product is designed and engineered to be the leader in its field using innovative design and performance.

As the world’s largest engine manufacturer, Honda offers more engine experience than anyone. Experience born on racetracks, runways and roadways around the globe. Experience that keeps us on the cutting edge of engine performance technology. Honda not only invest research and development into building robust engines but look at the finer details of the the overall product design and usability of each product. Durable chassis and cruise control for its mowers, anti-vibration systems and 360 ’any-side-up’ operation for its brushcutters; the detailed features and consideration that goes into each product are well-known and enjoyed by Honda’s loyal customers across the globe. 

Honda Power Equipment continually delivers powerful and durable equipment offering years of consistent performance. 


Honda are pioneers in 4-stroke engine technology and continue to lead the way in producing top of the range engines with superior performance and power. There are countless benefits to Honda’s 4-stroke engine technology. Each engine efficiently delivers powerful, quiet and clean performance. 


Honda’s 4-stroke engine technology offers superior fuel economy using approximately half the fuel of its 2-stroke counterparts. Its low vibration engine reduces user-fatigue making it the perfect engine for high-usage power equipment. Cleaner burning performance, low vibration and noise also mean it’s much healthier for the environment and the operator – they are built like no other.


With Honda’s 4-stroke engines there is no need for fuel mixing. All motors run on unleaded petrol and because you don’t need to mix oil with petrol your engine will run cleaner and longer. 


Larger diameter valves maximise the power output and support performance over its entire speed range. Whether cutting through long dense grass or tilling soil, Honda Power Equipment remains consistent in its strong torque and powerful delivery.


With Honda 4-stroke engines and intake control your motor will start ‘first time every time’ meaning considerably more ease of use.

These are just some of the features adding value and performance to the Honda Power Equipment range. For more detailed information on individual products check out our product range here or ask your authorised Honda dealer.