pump faqs

What is a transfer pump?

A transfer pump is one that moves clean water from one source such as a creek to a tank or trough.

What is a trash pump?

A trash pump is a heavy duty pump that can pump water with solids in it up to a certain size. They tend to be larger and flow a high amount of water compared to a transfer pump. 

What is a fire fighting pump?

Fire fighting pumps or high head pumps have low volume but pump to a much higher discharge head than other pumps. They maybe a single impellor or twin impellor design.

What is total head?

Total head is both suction head and discharge head added together.

What is suction head?

The distance the pump water inlet is from the water source.

What is a discharge head?

The vertical distance from the water source to the discharge point.

Can I run 100’s of meters of discharge hose?

As a rule for every 10m of horizontal distance of hose used, you lose 1m of discharge head so depending on which pump you are looking at it may mean it can’t pump the full distance you are expecting due to friction in the hose.  

I already have 1’’ hose from my old pump but want to use a 2’’ pump can I reduce it down?

It is not recommended to reduce down a larger pump to a smaller hose as it will put extra load on the mechanical seal, impellor and the motor which could lead to damage of those parts.

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