lawn mower faqs

How do I clean the cutting casing?

After each use, we recommend cleaning the cutting case. Once the engine is cold and the spark plug lead disconnected, tip the machine onto the muffler side so as to avoid flooding the air filter with oil. Then simply clean the inside of the casing and the blades by spraying them with a hose. This way your mower will stay in excellent condition.

If your mower is fitted with a cleaning port with the facility to connect a garden hose. Connect the hose and turn on the water, start your mower and allow to idle. If your mower has a blade control system, engage the blades. Always refer to your owner's manual for correct cleaning procedure for your specific model.

What cutting height adjustment is best to use?

Your lawn needs to be cut to different lengths, depending on the time of year. Too short in summer and the grass can get burnt. Too long in winter and your lawn can turn to mulch. A choice of cutting heights allows you to accurately position the cutting deck of your Honda lawnmower to optimise lawn quality.

 More Questions? Talk to your local Honda Power Equipment dealer.

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