brush cutter faqs

Which Brush Cutter should I buy?

For homeowner and light to medium commercial lawn trimming needs, the Honda UMS425 or UMK425 trimmers provide ample power and torque to handle demanding applications. Thanks to Honda's mini 4-stroke technology, the GX25 (25cc) engine will not "bog down" or stall even in the thickest grass like some other gas trimmers will.

If you’re a commercial user or homeowner whose requirements include brush cutting along with trimming, the Honda UMK435 trimmer offers the ultimate hand-held solution for heavy-duty trimming and brush removal.

Can I run any size of nylon on my Honda Brush Cutter?

We recommend you use the correct size nylon for your brush cutter. If you use an oversized nylon this can slow the cutting head down, effecting performance and can eventually lead to premature wear of the clutch and drive system. Consult your local dealer or owner’s manual.

Do I need to mix my fuel?

With Honda's 4 stroke technology there is no need for messy mixing as the oil and fuel are separate, just like your car. We recommend you check your oil level regularly and just add fuel to your fuel tank as needed. 

Can the motors handle a slope?

Our Mini 4’s have been specially designed to be an all-position motor so they can be tilted and swung around just like a 2 stroke brushcutter.

Can I run a blade?

On our straight shaft models (UMK425 and UMK435) you can run a selection of blades for grass, weeds and light scrub depending on the model. Consult your local dealer or owner's manual.  

Which is best for my section, Loop or Bull Bar?

Loop is ideal for sections with lots of edges to get around. The Bull Bar is better suited when you need to mow banks, weeds and light scrub.  

Which motor do I need, the GX25 or GX35?

The GX25 is ideal for all suburban size sections and lawnmower contractors. The GX35 is best suited for lifestyle block use or heavier commercial use.

 More Questions? Talk to your local Honda Power Equipment dealer.

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