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 The owner's manual that comes with your new product will have detailed information on care, servicing and operation.

If you are after product specific information please click on the relevant link:

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What should I do if I'm having problems starting?

This is a general checklist to work through. Some products may vary so always check the owner's manual.

  • Is the engine switch in the on position?
  • Is the throttle in the correct position?
  • Is the choke on?
  • Ensure you have adequate oil in the engine. Oil alert models will not allow you to start an engine that is very low in oil.
  • Is the fuel tap on/or the fuel cap vent in the open position?
  • Is the petrol getting to the carburetor? (To check, loosen the drain screw with the fuel tap on. Clean up any spilled fuel before any further checks)
  • Remove spark plug (clean any dirt from area first)

If your engine still will not start, take it to your nearest Honda Power Equipment Dealer for service.

How often should I change my oil?

Refer to your owner's manual and change more often if working in dusty conditions. We find that it is better to change the oil often rather than not enough. Oil is an easy way to guard against early engine failure.

How can I have maintenance and/or purchase parts for my Honda?

Your nearest Honda dealer will be able to help.

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